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Posted: August 18, 2008 in Gaming

Sign up page:

Hello everyone. I’ve finally found an amazing freebie site. This website is basically where you sign up and do surveys that credit you with points to use on prizes. No, you don’t use a credit card! It’s 100% legitimate! Once you have enough points, buy a prize with your points! If you don’t see a game or something that you like, custom order it from Amazon or Ebay!

Rewards1 is such a fantastic site, I love it. Rewards1 has over 270,000 members now. We are a swift and growing community. We also have a forum where Rewards1 members can come and chat. Rewards1 currently has a Summer Referral Contest going on. Every day from now until September 1st, Rewards1 is drawing users’ names out of a hat if they refer someone the day before, and that person does one or more offers. Each person who is drawn out of the hat wins 10 points! Isn’t that great? Also, the top 25 referrers are credited with a different amount of points. Anywhere from 10 points, to 350!!!

Rewards1 is all around a great freebie site. Go to the Available Offers link in the upper left once you sign up. Click on the offer links, and get started! Each offer you do gives you a certain amount of points. They are quick and easy and take little to no time at all!!!

Well, hop to it! Here’s the signup page:


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