Halo Reach Has Gone Gold

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Gaming

Halo Reach Box Art

Bungie has announced that their beloved Halo franchise’s latest installment has been finished and has gone gold. “Going gold” means that a game’s development process has been completed.

A multiplayer beta was offered to gamers who purchased a copy of Halo 3: ODST to help Bungie sort out bugs and tweak gameplay online. This beta was shortlived, however but was extended for a few days to allow players more time to access the beta.

Reach will feature multiplayer support via Xbox Live, System Link, and Split screen. Reach features “Loadouts”, a feature that allows players to pick a predefined choice of weaponry at spawn. The veto system has been improved, allowing players to vote for their preferred map and game mode out of a few choices. In order to give multiplayer a longer lasting appeal, players are now rewarded with “credits”, which players can spend on aesthetic armor customizations.

Halo Reach will release worldwide on September 14 and in Japan on September 15.


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