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Halo Reach Has Gone Gold

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Gaming

Halo Reach Box Art

Bungie has announced that their beloved Halo franchise’s latest installment has been finished and has gone gold. “Going gold” means that a game’s development process has been completed.

A multiplayer beta was offered to gamers who purchased a copy of Halo 3: ODST to help Bungie sort out bugs and tweak gameplay online. This beta was shortlived, however but was extended for a few days to allow players more time to access the beta.

Reach will feature multiplayer support via Xbox Live, System Link, and Split screen. Reach features “Loadouts”, a feature that allows players to pick a predefined choice of weaponry at spawn. The veto system has been improved, allowing players to vote for their preferred map and game mode out of a few choices. In order to give multiplayer a longer lasting appeal, players are now rewarded with “credits”, which players can spend on aesthetic armor customizations.

Halo Reach will release worldwide on September 14 and in Japan on September 15.

Property of

Property of

Tired of going to the store to get those Microsoft Points for that new Xbox Live Arcade game? Want to renew your Xbox Live subscription without making a trip to the game store? Well, suffer no longer.

Amazon is now selling Xbox Live game codes on their website digitally. Supposedly, they are NOT charging tax on each purchase, making this much more worth while.

Head on over today to pick one up.

Hey guys! I’m going to show you how I got free Xbox Live subscription emailed to me completely free without using a credit card. You can use this method to get Wii points, Nexon cash and iTunes credits too!

How does this work and is this legal?
When you buy an Xbox Live Points card you just enter the code and Microsoft credits you with the points right? Well, if you follow the directions below there’s a site that will EMAIL these codes to you! They buy the codes from Microsoft (or whoever, depending if u get Wii points, NX cash, iTunes credits etc.) and they get paid by the sponsors that advertise on the site. So yes, this is 100% legit and legal. Cool huh?

The only downside is you need to be from USA, Canada, UK or Australia (that’s just how the advertisers work).

OK what do I need to do?
First thing you need to do is get a “junk” email account. Since you’re going to be getting a lot of junk mail you’re not going to want it all going to your real email address, so this is what this new email account will be used for.

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to and sign up.

Once you get there click SIGN UP on the menu bar on the left and fill out your information.

They will ask you for your email. I recommend you give them your real one because this is where they will email your Xbox Live code to. If you give them your spam one you might accidentally delete it. The site doesn’t spam you its all the offers you will be doing that send the junk email.

They also ask for your address. Don’t worry too much about this all they need your address for is to mail you prizes.

After you signup they will send you a confirmation link to your email address you entered. Click the link and you’re done. The email should come pretty quick (usually instantly). And make sure you check your spam folders.

Step 2: Complete Offers

Once inside you can check out the prize list. You’ll see the Xbox Live 1600 points card is 20 points – basically 1 point is 1 dollar. You earn points by completing offers and you should be able to get 20 points in about an hour or two.

To earn points click on “Available Offers”. There you will see a whole list of offers and how many points you’ll get if you complete that offer. When filling out an offer you don’t have to give your real home address or phone number. And make sure you use your spam email account because believe me you will be spammed. Also, be sure to check your email occasionally for those offers that require email confirmation otherwise you won’t get credited for completing the offer properly.

NOTE: The higher paying offers generally require a credit card and may charge you a few dollars (usually for shipping and handling). Basically you’re spending a few dollars to get 15-30 points. You see where I’m going with this. If you do enough credit card offers you can pretty much get an Xbox 360 Console (retails $350) for $50-60. (I’m actually in the middle of working my way towards one myself. I’ll write an article detailing how to do this later if enough people want)

Here are a few tips for filling out offers:
1. Read the offer carefully so you know exactly what to do to get the points.
2. Delete cookies before every offer
3. Complete offer with realistic information
4. Use a browser that accepts cookies and turn your security down
5. Let each page load completely

Also remember that even though most of the time you’ll get the points 5-10 minutes after completing the offer, some may take up to a day or more (depending on the offer). So don’t worry if you don’t see the points just keep going they will appear if you’ve done everything correctly.

Step 3: Claim Your Prize

After you have enough points you can now go to “Available Prizes” and see what you can cash those points in for. This is the fun part. =)

They have a ton of prizes. You’ll see stuff like consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii), video games, iPods, etc. The Xbox Live cards are in the “Xbox” section and will be emailed to you. Physical prizes like iPods and video games will deliver so make sure your address is correct before you claim a prize that requires shipping.

Also, something many people don’t realize is that if you don’t see anything you like you can actually send a request for a custom prize. Just send support a ticket with a link to what you want from and they’ll let you know how many points you’ll need. Basically it will be a point for every dollar.
So enjoy your Free MS Points, Free 1600 MS Points, Free 1600 Microsoft Points, Free Wii Points, Free GTA 4, Gears of War 2, Halo 3, or whatever you want from rewards 1
“We’ll buy you anything”

Next week’s Rock Band downloadable content brings you Rush’s Moving Pictures (for real this time) along with 6 other rocking singles by various artists.

Rush – Moving Pictures (880 / $11)

  • “Tom Sawyer” (Original) (160 / $2)
  • “Red Barchetta” (160 / $2)
  • “YYZ” (160 / $2)
  • “Limelight” (Original) (160 / $2)
  • “The Camera Eye” (160 / $2)
  • “Witch Hunt” (160 / $2)
  • “Vital Signs” (160 / $2)

Individual tracks

  • “Sorrow” – Bad Religion (160 / $2)
  • “She Sells Sanctuary” – The Cult (160 / $2)
  • “Bandages” – Hot Hot Heat (160 / $2)
  • “Shoot the Runner” – Kasabian (160 / $2)
  • “You’re No Rock N Roll Fun” – Sleater-Kinney (160 / $2)
  • “Love Spreads” – Stone Roses (160 / $2)

We imagine that Activision Blizzard has more green cash money than a number of medium-sized countries thanks to their ownership of some ridiculously profitable franchises. While the skeptical industry analyst might expect them to sit on their surplus, or perhaps swim through it Scrooge McDuck style, a recent announcement from Activision revealed that they’re using said wealth to provide faux-rockers with a pretty terrific pre-order bonus for Guitar Hero: World Tour — an extra guitar peripheral.

As far as we can tell, the offer is only extended to those living (and purchasing rhythm games) in the UK, and is limited to pre-orders of the GH:WT bundle (currently retailing for £150 in most online stores). While it’s scientific fact that the modern gaming enthusiast already owns approximately seven guitar peripherals, newcomers to the rockstar simulation genre will now be able to play with a full band without incurring any pesky fees for an extra axe. Would-be bassists, rejoice!

Guitar Hero World Tour.jpg

Guitar Hero World Tour Song List

Beautiful Disaster – 311 (NEW)
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast – Airbourne*
Good God – Anouk~
One Armed Scissor – At the Drive-In*
Hail to the Freaks – Beatsteaks~
Heartbreaker – Pat Benatar
Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi
No Sleep Till Brooklyn – Beastie Boys
Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
Stillborn – Black Label Society
Weapon of Choice – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club*
One Way Or Another – Blondie (NEW)
Dammit – Blink 182
Scream Aim Fire – Bullet for my Valentine (NEW)
Shiver – Coldplay
Up Around The Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival (NEW)
Love Removal Machine – The Cult
Feel the Pain – Dinosaur Jr.
Love Me Two Times – The Doors
Hotel California – The Eagles*
Aggro – The Enemy~
Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
Everlong – Foo Fighters
American Woman – The Guess Who
You’re Gonna Say Yeah – Hush Puppies~
Beat It – Michael Jackson
Purple Haze (Live) – Jimi Hendrix
Wind Cries Mary – Jimi Hendrix
Obstacle 1 – Interpol
Vinternoll 2 – Kent~
Freak On A Leash – Korn (NEW)
Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz
Our Truth – Lacuna Coil (NEW)
What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
Prisoner of Society – The Living End (NEW)
La Bamba – Los Lobos (NEW)
Rooftops – Lostprophets~
L’Via L’Viaquez – Mars Volta (NEW)
Trapped Under Ice – Metallica
Float On – Modest Mouse
Overkill – Motorhead
Assassin – Muse (NEW)
Nuvole – Negramaro~
On The Road Again – Willie Nelson (NEW)
About a Girl – Nirvana (NEW)
Spiderwebs – No Doubt
Some Might Say – Oasis~
Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
Mr. Crowley – Ozzy Osbourne
Misery Business – Paramore
Escuela de Calor – Radio Futura~
The One I Love – REM (NEW)
Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger
Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups
Today – Smashing Pumpkins (NEW)
The Joker – Steve Miller Band
Toy Boy – Stuck in the Sound~
Santeria – Sublime
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
B.Y.O.B. – System of a Down
Monsoon – Tokio Hotel~
Antisocial – Trust~
Hot For Teacher – Van Halen

Gears of War 2 Achievements List

  • Complete Act 1 in Gears of War: Unlock Anthony Carmine multiplayer skin in Gears of War 2.
  • Find 10 COG tags in Gears of War: Unlock Minh Young Kim multiplayer skin in Gears of War 2.
  • Defeat RAAM in Gears of War: Unlock RAAM multiplayer skin in Gears of War 2.
  • RAAM is back.

    For a look at all three unlockable player models, be sure to check out our full image gallery.

    Now on to the real list of achievements.

    Gears of War 2 Achievements
    Green as Grass Train the rook (any difficulty) 10
    It’s a Trap! Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 2 10
    Escort Service Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 4 10
    Girl About Town Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 6 10
    That Sinking Feeling Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 4 10
    Freebaird! Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 5 10
    Heartbroken Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 6 10
    Longitude and Attitude Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 3 10
    Tanks for the Memories Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 4 10
    Water Sports Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 6 10
    There’s a Time for Us Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 2 10
    Better Wrapped in Beacon Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 3 10
    Have Fun Storming the Castle Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 6 10
    And the Horse You Rode in On Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 1 10
    You Are the Support, Son Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 2 10
    Brumak Rodeo Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 4 10
    Does This Look Infected to You? Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 5 10
    Tourist of Duty Complete all campaign acts on Casual Difficulty 25
    Guerilla Tactician Complete all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty 50
    Artist of War Complete all campaign acts on Hardcore Difficulty 75
    Suicide Missionary Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty 150
    Collector Recover 5 collectibles (any difficulty) 5
    Pack Rat Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty) 15
    Completionist Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty) 30
    One-Night Stand Complete 1 chapter in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) 10
    Open Relationship Complete 10 chapters in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) 30
    Friends with Benefits Complete all acts in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) 50
    Once More, With Feeling Perform 30 perfect active reloads (any mode) 10
    Takes a Licking Melee 30 Tickers (any mode) 30
    Organ Grinder Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted Mulcher (any mode) 10
    Shock and Awe Kill 30 enemies with the heavy Mortar (any mode) 10
    Said the Spider to the Fly Kill 10 enemies with a planted grenade (any mode) 10
    Crowd Control Melee 10 enemies down with the Boomshield equipped (any mode) 10
    Smells Like Victory Kill 30 enemies with the Scorcher Flamethrower (any mode) 10
    Variety Is the Spice of Death Kill an enemy with every weapon in the game (any mode) 30
    Seriously 2.0 Kill 100,000 enemies (any mode) 50
    Standing Here, Beside Myself Win 3 matches of Wingman (public) 10
    Beat the Meatflag Capture 10 meatflags in Submission (public) 10
    It’s Good to be the King Win 10 rounds of Guardian as the leader (public) 10
    You Go Ahead, I’ll Be Fine Win three matches of King of the Hill (public) 10
    Back to Basic Successfully complete the 5 lessons of multiplayer Training Grounds 10
    Party Like It’s 1999 Play 1999 rounds of multiplayer (any mode) 30
    Around the World, Again Win a multiplayer match on each map (any mode) 30
    Dirty, Dirty Horde Survive the first 10 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map) 20
    Hoard the Horde Survive all 50 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map) 30